Rabbit Advertising

Enable your brand to reach its audience globally in several new and innovative ways.

Rabbit Kiosk Advertising

When approved and enabled by the merchant, you can advertise on the 9.7″ digital screen across our network of kiosks. At any given time, we have the power to control what ad to display, when it goes live, and exactly where it’s displayed across our network.

In-App Advertising

Through Rabbit Advertising an approved business can sponsor Carrotâ„¢ rentals for a targeted demographic. In exchange for the Rabbit users getting 30 minutes or an hour of free charging, we can make them watch your ad, share their feedback, view your website, engage with your social media, and many other great creative options.

On Product Advertising

Advertise directly on our Carrots and make thousands of impressions across the exact demographics you are targeting.