Rabbit Platform

Manage your own fleet of Rabbit kiosks
through our suite of tools.

How It Works

Rabbit Platform empowers entrepreneurs to start and manage their own fleet of Rabbit Kiosks.

Rabbit Kiosks

With Rabbit Platform you get the ability to purchase and use our proprietary kiosks that can hold anywhere from 6 to 48 Carrots and have screens that range from 9 inches to over 50 inches.

Rabbit App

You control the day you want your fleet to go live. With one click, your Kiosk will officially be live in our network via the Rabbit App.

Rabbit Management

You will have access to a Rabbit Platform success manager, dashboards to manage your fleet, sales and strategy playbooks, marketing materials, and curated content based on everywhere we have learned and are learning.

Get Started


Tell us about why you want to own and manage a fleet, your background, what you’re about as a person, and your long term end goal.


If approved, we will work together on how your first order should look. You will put down a deposit, and we will get you on-boarded as you wait for units to arrive. 


We will send out a team to ensure your launch goes as planned, triple check everything, and even help you plan your launch party if desired.


Yes, there is a one time fee for the territory + a small revenue share on the kiosks.

Currently we do not offer financing.

Our minimum order for most cities is 100 units.

Anywhere from 2-6 months depending on a wide variety of factors such as your background, the territory you want to purchase, and your access to the capital.

Yes, all Rabbits come with a 12 month limited warranty on our hardware. 

Yes, of course!

Answer will go here.

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