Bring Rabbit Kiosks to Your Special Event

The majority of event audiences will struggle with their phone dying. All of their focus should be on your event. Rabbit makes that happen by solving the issue of dead phones.

Rabbit is a Must for Your Event

When your attendees have fully charged phones, laptops, or ipads they’re able to fully engage in the event. They can take notes, they can netork, they can post the best moments on their social media, they can Uber to the after party, they can stay out as late as they want. Ultimately, they have complete freedom to be immersed in the event experience that you thoughtfully created.

Rabbit is a Must for Your Event

Free Charging

Pay us a flat fee to come set up the self service Rabbit Kiosks and allow attendees to have free charging.

Paid Charging

Request us at your event. We will come set up the kiosks. Your attendees sign up and use Rabbit like everyone else.

Sponsored Charging

Every time an attendee rents a carrot from a Rabbit Kiosk we can display your sponsors’ promo video or even link to their website or social media. You can include this value ad as a part of your sponsorship package.

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